Black Friday Vs “Fixed” Expenses

Well another black Friday has come and gone with out me helping the patriotic American department store find its way back into the black. This year it seems shoppers were out in force with cash and not credit bounding with spending spirit for themselves. I may find myself out and about spending the mighty dollar in a few weeks at the after sales but I will find myself in the company of so many others who wish that they had even more green backs to spend in celebration and a few less lining the pockets of banks, utility companies and landlords. I wish I could have spent all of my hard earned, won, invested or inherited income the way I want to instead of having it sift through our fingers into the tax mans hands and then these so called “fixed” expenses. Everyone may be looking for ways to reign in their personal spending on little luxuries and looking for ways to do without but I think everyone needs a list of things they are saving for. It is all well and good to forgo an expensive coffee so you can find yourself in the black a little longer this month or perhaps never see the red but it is equally or maybe even better if a passive solar furnace saved you enough in heating costs to treat yourself and a friend to cup of holiday java cheer.

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