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Where Rosemary Goes
I am a modern day hippie; born in 1968 I am in my early 40’s as I write this. Life has given me many challenges that I chose to answer, in unconventional or alternative ways, usually after traditional or modern means failed me.
A sociologist by nature and some education, I live and breathe alternative medicine, religion, education and political views. This has prompted the title of this effort “Where Rosemary Goes…” as I hear on a regular basis in various tones of voice from everyone imaginable “Oh Rosemary, don’t go there” I worried my mother, confused my teachers and concerned my professors. I confounded my doctors, intimidated and was rejected by other people my age. If your life is a struggle, a disappointment, or just needs a face lift then look around and see if you dare to go where I have gone or to travel further than even I dare to go as I share my philosophy, success and failures.

I tend to look at things a little differently and to embrace the idea of “To thine own self be true”. I enjoy looking closer at why I do things the way I do what I like and what I resent and why. I try to never avoid truth and strive to always be brutally honest with myself. After all a liar can’t give you a pep talk and I need those from time to time so when looking in the mirror I must find a trusted reliable person that I respect. A lot of my life philosophy is based on introspection and being interested enough in your own life to ask …”Why?”

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