Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…The Real problem with Staycations


Maybe you have given some thought to cutting back on your hours at work or working more from home. After all, you spent thousands of dollars making your house into an oasis, as nice as any hotel. Life will look better if you could enjoy your home and family more. A break is really all you need and the thought of a real vacation sounds like more work than fun. You are simply too tired to enjoy a vacation and the expense is more than you think prudent right now with the economy looking the way it does. A staycation is sounding less and less silly and more and more like exactly what you need to recharge your batteries.

2 Weeks Latter…

 You bought a new game system and had a great long weekend with the family. You took some time for yourself, read a good book, had a night out on the town and slept in. Why are you still dreading life as usual? Going back to the grind is sounding like a meat grinder you may be thrown into! Why didn’t the staycation that seemed like the perfect break rejuvenate you? Where is that well rested, let me at ‘em mentality?

 Remember as a kid when school let out for summer and you couldn’t wait to get away from the week to week mundane routine? Summer was a break from it all and the freedom to enjoy yourself, but by the end of the summer, escaping this sun-burnt, bug-bitten existence, cooped up with family, is all you can think about. The thought of the new school year became more exciting and you welcomed the fresh new start and seeing friends again.  

 The real reason that even a bad vacation trip can do more to raise your enthusiasm is it takes you away literally and after a while you begin to miss your own bed, friends and neighbors, your routine. When you stay in the middle of things you can’t see your life. When you leave and come back there is a fondness for familiarity and you can even long for getting back to your life to enjoying the little things.

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