Healthy Biscuit Mix Recipe


I love to use biscuit mix for so many different recipes, but I am also concerned about using healthy oils and ingredients. This is a very large batch so feel free to cut these measurements in half if you feel like you won’t be using as much as our family does.

Biscuit Mix
16 cups of flour- I use 8 cups of whole wheat and 8 cups of unbleached flour usually. Experiment with different types and see what you like best.
2 ½ cups of dry milk- I have used powdered rice, or soy milk or a blend of what I have
½ cup of baking powder
2 tablespoons of salt
4 cups of coconut oil

Combine all the dry ingredients very well in a large mixing bowl, I use a whisk then cut in the oil and store in the container of your choosing.

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