Oh it’s summer break out the slow cooker!

Oh it’s summer break out the slow cooker!

Yes, the slow cooker. I use mine as much if not more in the summer months as the rest of the year I set it outside so dinner doesn’t heat up the house! I know your thinking that is what the grill is for and I do love the grill but even when we are using the grill nothing beats some great side dishes that can’t be grilled…like rice or dessert. Here are three Rosemary original slow cooker recipes.


In a slow cooker? Yep!
About 1 ½ cups Biscuit mix to ½- ¾ cup water for the “crust”
A 16 ounce jar or 2 cups of homemade Pizza sauce
Cheese and other toppings

Start with your favorite biscuit mix; we use a homemade clone recipe with mostly whole wheat flour. Mix up a batch for the size of your slow cooker and number of people eating. Add enough water to make a large sticky ball. Oil your cooker and pour some of the sauce on the bottom then stretch your dough ball out to almost the edge of the cooker but not touching the sides. Pour the remaining sauce over the dough so it will float and cook like a dumpling in the sauce. Next top with precooked meats and favorite pizza toppings and mozzarella or a blend of your favorite cheeses. Cook for 2 hours on high or until the center is cooked

 Apples and Muffin Dumplin’

I usually make this when I know we are not going to finish the apples off quickly enough or we have cut up too many for a fruit plate when we had quests over. I use the smallest slow cooker for this and we enjoy it for dessert or breakfast. A scoop of ice cream is a nice touch too.

Wash, slice and core 2 or more apples

Butter the slow cooker

Toss in the apples with 1/8 C. of brown sugar per apple and sprinkle with some cinnamon a little vanilla or liquor if you like is enjoyable

Let it cook till the apples are tender a couple of hours or longer depending on the number of apples and then give it a good stir and leave an indentation in the center for the muffin batter.

Follow the directions on the side of the box for Jiffy apple cinnamon muffins or make a ½ batch from homemade and fill the center indentation….cook thru… about 2 hours


Perfect Mexican Rice 
Mexican rice in the slow cooker is amazingly perfect in texture and is very hands off. You won’t need to keep an eye on this rice dish or worry about the rice sticking because you oil the sides of the cooker first. 
Use a long grain jasmine or basmati rice for best results.
1 cup rice (rinsed well)
1 cup water
1 cup salsa 
1 teaspoon salt

Seasonings you enjoy like hot sauce or peppers, a little taco seasoning or whatever says Mexican rice to you.

Oil the sides and bottom of the slow cooker generously with coconut oil or your favorite healthful oil. Combine all the ingredients, put the lid on and Cook on low for about 2 hours or until the liquid is absorbed. If your rice isn’t soft due to the salsa not having enough liquid you can add a little more water about half a cup and cook 30 min. longer.

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