Rug Cleaning…In a Slightly Unconventional Way

I hate wall to wall carpeting, but have at least one large area rug in every room. I like to thoroughly clean these rugs at least yearly, but do not like drowning the floor or dragging the rugs outside to shampoo in the drive. The method I prefer is a bit tacky, but very effective. After vacuuming the rug really well I use laundry stain treatment on all the stains and with a lawn sprayer filled with diluted soap or the cleaner of your choosing, I often use a gentle cycle cold water detergent that I love the smell of, I spray the rug, roll it and leave it set for a few hours. We pile all the pre-treated rugs into the pick up and go off to the car wash. Unrolling a couple at a time we hang them up with the clamps for the car floor mats and use the high pressure hose to wash and rinse the soap and dirt away. We roll the wet rug and set on one end against the wall so it can drain while we wash the remaining rugs. Once they have drained for 10 min or until you lift them and there isn’t a stream of water, it’s time to stack them back into the truck and take them home to dry in the sun or to be rolled out on a large sheet of plastic in the house with a fan to speed the drying. We try to set the wet rugs back in the truck bed with one end elevated so they can continue to drain on the drive home. I suppose you could accomplish this at home if you have a high pressure water sprayer and a way to hang the rugs and I would prefer this, but some of our homes have been apartments and others do not lend themselves to heavy cleaning and drying outside.
I love to sweep and mop the entire house before we leave for the car wash and return to the fresh clean smell and the dry floors waiting for the plastic and lovely clean rugs. It doesn’t make the cats as happy as it makes me, but they can enjoy a sunny spring or summer day outside or in a window seal while things dry.

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